What are the steps to publishing with Ology Press?

At Ology Press, all our articles pass through a peer-review process. We use a double-blind method for privacy and effective reviewing. Here are the steps to publishing in one of our journals:

  1. Submit your work online at http://ologyjournals.com/submit-article
  2. A team member will contact you once your article has been received and has passed through our first round of inspection, including quality of basic grammar and plagiarism.
  3. If your article passes the first step, it will be assigned to an anonymous editor for scientific content review.
  4. Once required revisions are made and the editor has approved the article for publication, it is passed on to our web team for the galley proofing process and pdf creation.
  5. In the meantime, our accounts team will contact you for the discussion of fees depending on your article type.
  6. Once the pdf is ready, we request your final approval and make any necessary changes.
  7. Your article is published on ologypress.com! Your article’s DOI is registered shortly thereafter.

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