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The Cambridge Dictionary defines an "ology" as "a subject that is studied at school, college, or university and is thought to need a large amount of special knowledge." There are literally thousands of ologies, from abiology to zymology, and new information about each area of study emerges every day.

Ology Press provide open access to this large amount of special knowledge to researchers, students and the public. Ology Press is a world leader in providing online access to ology articles, offering free access to leading scientific publications and articles.

The introduction of the internet and open access journals has greatly expanded access to ology articles. Once burdened by the slow process of printing and distribution, scholarly journals can now be available almost immediately after peer review. The expedited publishing process of online journals now helps scholarly publishers disseminate study data rapidly and helps researchers find the most current information quickly.

By definition, open access articles are those "presented without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those inseparable from gaining access to the internet itself." Ology Group journals contain information from various science journals, medical journals, engineering journals and more.