Ology Press Author Guidelines

Ology Press guidelines ensure the highest quality scientific publications possible.

Robust author guidelines helps Ology Press maintain its position as a world leader in open access publishing of high-end scientific studies, papers, and documents.

Ology Press invites authors from all over the world to submit innovative articles and research findings for publication. Authors may submit work on any scientific topic of expertise. Articles submitted to Ology Journal undergo rigorous peer review to ensure the highest quality possible. Stringent author guidelines also ensure publication quality to help scientific papers reach the largest audience possible.

Open access guidelines are particularly important to publishing quality scientific articles on the internet. Online publishing guidelines ensure consistency in quality, format, readability, and ease of access. A lack of publishing guidelines can also deteriorate reader confidence and willingness to cite the research in their work.

Benefits of Ology Journal Author Manuscript Guidelines

Authors benefit from stringent manuscript guidelines. Benefits of author manuscript guidelines include:

  • True and fair unbiased reviews and constructive criticism on scholarly and scientific articles
  • Global visibility for manuscripts
  • Suggestions for and assistance with improving a body of work
  • Swift peer review process
  • Opportunity for international recognition
  • Permanent archiving of the work on a secure network
  • Copyrights and publishing rights of the article remain with the author

Ology Journal’s rules for content submission

The author may be required to submit a cover letter to editorial board members. The cover letter must includes the names of co-authors of the content and contain sources for all citations used.

Manuscripts submitted to Ology Press for publication must be unique and original. Wording taken directly from other publications should appear in quotation marks and properly cited. This applies to the author’s own work, from content adapted from conference abstracts, proceeding papers, and other sources of information.

The papers must be in a major field of science and of potential interest to researchers, scholars, students, or other readers. The content should include findings and methodology used. For consideration, the article should provide ample evidence that supports the paper’s conclusion.

When submitting work for publication, authors should take special care to select the appropriate type for their manuscripts, comply with article description requirements as set forth by Ology Press, and pay close attention to word count requirements.

Manuscripts should meet international standards for English language. Documents should have a thought-provoking, concise title that accurate describes the paper. Headings and subheadings should help organize the information.

Titles should appear in 16-point bold Times New Roman font at the top of the first page. Headings and subheadings should appear in 12-point bold Times New Roman, while text appears in 12-point normal Times New Roman.

Authors should present the documents in a LaTeX or MS-Word format. Exact and correct author names should appear listed together, separated by commas.

Documents should include:

  • Conflict of interest statements
  • Authors and contributors
  • Funding
  • Acknowledgement
  • References
  • Disclaimers
  • Supplemental materials

Ology Press invites authors from all major scientific fields to submit documents for open access publishing. Ology Press also encourages authors to join its Editorial Board. Experts and specialists in a number of scientific fields can contribute by joining Ology Press.

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