Ology Press Editor Guidelines

Ology Press  editor guidelines set the standard in editor policies for open access publishing.

At the heart of every successful publication is a qualified editorial board. Ology Press recognizes the important role a capable editorial board plays in making consistent, high quality manuscripts available to scientists, scholars, students and the public. Strict editor policies helps Ology Journals maintain its editorial integrity, thereby securing Ology Press’ position as a worldwide leader in publishing scientific material.

Editor guidelines speeds the process of editing and peer review by maintaining standards of efficiency and accuracy. Quick response from Ology Press’ editorial board maintains a smooth flow of documents through the editorial and review processes.

Editors must maintain strict confidentiality about the documents under their scrutiny. Confidentiality prevents information from becoming known publicly before the author intended to release the document.

Editor Guidelines

The Ology Press Editorial Board is solely responsible for the quality of the content published in Ology Press. While Ology Press already holds high standards, every member of the editorial board should strive to set even higher publication standards whenever possible.

The Ology Press Editorial Board must be aware of the comments and feedback of readers. Members of the editorial board should also evaluate and implement valuable suggestions provided by authors.

Edited manuscripts must be of the best possible quality, while still reflecting the voice and intent of the authors. Editors should check scientific facts presented in the documents. Manuscripts must be free from flaws and use understandable language.

The Ology Press Editorial Board must ensure that the content is original, includes proper citations, and meets internationally approved guidelines of ethics.

Editorial board staff will protect confidential data regarding the manuscripts they review. The editorial team will check for written consent from individuals named in the document, for example, to ensure the article qualifies for publishing.

Editorial board members who suspect misconduct or misuse of data will delay the visibility of the published or unpublished work until it receives a reasonable response from the author.

Ology Press Editorial Board Policy

The first priority of the Ology Press Editorial Board is to safeguard the integrity and reliability of the publishing company by producing the highest quality content possible to readers. To achieve this lofty goal, the Ology Press Editorial Board has full responsibility and liberty to determine the quality of content submitted for publication. The board reserves the right to evaluate and validate information contained within the document.

The Ology Press Editorial Board strives continuously to make sure that the documents published by Ology Press meet all aspects of standard research ethics and protect rules regarding copyrights and personal data. Every member of the journal’s editorial board is responsible for ensuring that every article published by Ology Press undergoes detailed editing and a proficient peer review process in a timely manner.

Ology Press publishes the most relevant, original, and interesting scientific content emerging today. The Ology Press Editorial Board is largely responsible for the quality of this content, and every member of the editorial board works to ensure that the research contents are complete, clear and with proper citation.

Ology Press editors must refrain from the influence of external factors, as this can tarnish the work of authors and damage the stellar reputation of Ology Journals. Editors never allow the author’s origin, nationality, race, clan, ethnicity, religion, gender, or political choices to influence the editorial or peer review process. The only grounds for evaluation are the validity and quality of the content presented.

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