Ology Press: About Our Processing Charges

Open access publisher Ology Press provides online articles free of charge to scholars, students and the public. While users can access these scholarly journals free, producing and disseminating research information – even on the internet – comes at a cost. Many of the expenses include the costs of journal production, peer review management, and online hosting and archiving. To help offset some of the expenses associated with publication, Ology Press charges a processing charges.

Costs of Producing Online Journals

The costs of producing ology articles in online journals cover manuscript editing, indexing, standardizing, formatting, and more. While the digital format of the internet significantly reduces these expenses, producing high quality scholarly journals requires an investment to support the costs of online publications, such as the costs of server space for database storage, maintenance of a professional editorial team, and continual IT development. Tasks such as editing, proofreading, plagiarism checks, quality checks, and regular web maintenance drive up the costs of online journal publication.

Publishing Ology online journals requires advanced software that makes it easy to find interesting and useful information, but software is expensive to acquire, maintain and update. Compared with old-fashioned print journals that could provide data only in the forms of drab text, statistic pictures and boring graphs, today’s online publishing can offer information in a variety of exciting mediums, including ebooks, videos and special issues.  

The Ology Press Difference

Ology Journals is revolutionizing nearly every aspect of online publishing, including processing charges. The innovative approaches of Ology Press set them apart from other scholarly publishers.

Authors who publish their content through Ology Press rely on the highest publication quality possible, with thorough editing, crisp graphics and free from incidental duplication that could put the author at risk for plagiarism. Author work goes through a comprehensive review process that ensures error-free, concise text.

Open access publishing makes author work free and readily available to anyone seeking scientific knowledge. Viewers can see articles in a variety of formats, making author works even more accessible. The processing charges helps cover the costs of converting author works into these formats.

Article Processing Charges are only applicable upon the final acceptance of the article, not on initial submission. Specifics regarding payment of the Processing Charges depend on the type of the manuscripts presented for publication. There are no additional charges based on length, color, figures, or other elements of the articles submitted for publication.

The sponsoring institution or research funder, rather than the author, typically provide the funds to cover article publishing charges.

Ology Journals uses Processing Charges to bring added value to all the ology articles published in their online journals. Fees help Ology Press continue bringing high quality, peer-reviewed articles to scholars, students and the public free of charge and in formats they can use.

If you wish to make payment through online, kindly follow below

Type of Article Euro
Letter to Editor (LTE) / Editorial (ED) 439 €
Opinion (OP) / Short Communication (SC) 439 €
Mini Review (MRW) 439 €
Review (RW) 799 €
Case Report (CR) 799 €
Research (RA) 799 €
Type of Article Euro
Letter to Editor (LTE) / Editorial (ED) 339 €
Opinion (OP) / Short Communication (SC) 339 €
Mini Review (MRW) 339 €
Review (RW) 519 €
Case Report (CR) 519 €
Research (RA) 519 €
Type of Article Euro
Letter to Editor (LTE) / Editorial (ED) 249 €
Opinion (OP) / Short Communication (SC) 249 €
Mini Review (MRW) 249 €
Review (RW) 429 €
Case Report (CR) 429 €
Research (RA) 429 €