Benefits with Ology Press

While open access publisher Ology Press provides online articles free of charge, producing and disseminating scholarly research is not free. The costs of producing an online article cover manuscript editing, indexing, standardizing, formatting, and more. While the digital format of the internet significantly reduces these expenses, producing high quality scholarly journals requires an investment to support the costs of online publications, such as the costs of server space for database storage, maintenance of a professional editorial team, and continual IT development.

The open access articles in Ology Press are peer-reviewed, just as articles appearing in subscription-based journals. Peer-reviewed journals maintain the highest standards of quality through rigorous, constructive, efficient and transparent reviews.

The purpose of open access articles in Ology Press is to return scholarly publishing to its original purpose of spreading knowledge and allowing others to build upon that knowledge. Ology Press believes that cost barriers should not prevent scholars, students, or anyone else from gaining access to the research they need. By offering open access journals free of charge, Ology promotes the availability of useful information.

Ology Press uses advanced software that makes it easy to find information that is infinitely more interesting and useful than information presented in printed journals. Old-fashioned print journals could provide data only in the forms of drab text, statistic pictures and boring graphs. Online publishing can offer information in a variety of exciting mediums, including ebooks, videos and special issues, available instantly and at no charge.

The open availability and searchability of Ology Press is already having a significant positive effect on innovations in education, medicine, engineering and other fields. Ology Press provides the open access researchers, students and the public need to gain knowledge and build upon that knowledge for a better world.